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Norwegian cruise - day 13 - THE END

Photos and text © Michel Lebel and Co

After a small night of recovery in a good cosy bed it stays in us a few hours to see or see again(revise) certain districts of Bergen which we shall leave at about 1:00 pm to join the airport. The sky is always with us because the sun is very present...

It is not easy of easy to choose but by going out of the hotel we guess a park and alleys... We go there then we shall improvise according to the schedule.

IMGP4152 [1600x1200].JPG
Some photos of our pedestrian walking by clicking HERE

While continuing our visit we can see statues dedicated to the musician Edvard Grieg

  • Edvard Hagerup Grieg been born on June 15th, 1843 in Bergen, died on September 4th, 1907 in Bergen.
    • Composer and Norwegian pianist it is especially known for its works:
      • Concert for piano in A minor and Peer Gynt, the famous compound music specially for the drama of Henrik Ibsen.



IMGP8471 [1600x1200].JPG
Peer Gynt Suite

  • To the writer Ludvig Holberg whose statue is on the traditional market in front of the fish market
    • Ludvig Holberg was born on December 3rd, 1684 in Bergen, died on January 28th, 1754 in Copenhagen. It is the first big Scandinavian writer of modern times. After the prosperous period of Eddas (it is two very different manuscripts of the XIIIth century that constitute poetic compilations), the Latin had become the literary language of the Scandinavian countries. The genius of Holberg is going to confer on the vernacular language (the local language collectively spoken within a community) its letters of nobility. Having been born in Norway but having spent almost all his life in Copenhagen, he is claimed at once by the Danish and Norwegian literatures. It is necessary to specify that in this period both countries were gathered under the crown of kings of Denmark.
Ludwig Holberg.jpg

A monumental statue of Soviet inspiration:

Fontaine Monumentale.jpg

In front of the museum Munk and the auditorium Edvard Grieg we can admire a magnificent fountain in which is reflected a cube of very original metal...


Fontaine Monumentale 2.jpg

After a fast lunch we take the bus which is going to drive us to the airport of Bergen. Road making our guide will make us appreciate certain landscapes as we had not seen upon our arrival.

Fin 2.jpg

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