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Norwegian cruise - day 12

Photos and text © Michel Lebel and Co

The end for everything is needed... In this " day 12 " we shall arrive to Bergen, term of our coastal cruise on Polarlys of the company Hurtigruten.

Before landing we shall have made stopover in:

Alesund: 00:00 am - > 00:45 am (45 minutes of stop),
Torvik: 02:00 am - > 02:15 am (15 minutes of stop),
Maloy: 05:15 am - > 05:45 am (30 minutes of stop),
Floro: 08:00 am - > 08:15 am (15 minutes of stop),
Arrived at Bergen 2:30 pm.

The night was short and the orders were look from the day 11:

  • The account card of cruise was enclosed at 11:00 pm so that we can verify the exactness of our expenses. In principle we should have no distance because after every expense on the boat we have the state accumulated by our account,
  • Have breakfast from 07:00 am till 10:00 am,
  • Cabin released at 10:00 am (luggage is put down at the level of lifts on every deck, will get back to them to us in the terminal,
  • Have lunch from 11:30 am till 1:30 pm,
  • To avoid any jostling during the landing, we shall have to follow the instructions of the crew(equipage) which will call the passengers, the bridge(deck) after bridge(deck).
    After breakfast it is necessary to pack suitcases... As usual I am on fatigue duty.
Having freed the cabin it is necessary to find a place, on the deck, or in the bar, or in the panoramic lounge... In brief we roam and we remember ourselves some good memories...
Photos we save ourselves for the afternoon during the visit so expected from Bergen (our French guide proposed us an option visit if the weather allows it because Bergen has a nasty reputation: it is a year raining there 300 days.
bar 1.jpg
Bar 2.jpg
Arivée at the hour in Bergen. Landing in good order and express. Transfer in a hotel of the city center, what will allow us to discover the city to our rhythm....
A luck for us the sun is very present and we are going to be able to take the funicular to discover the city of Bergen. But before making disentangle photos, a presentation of the city:
  • " Bergen is a city of the southwest of Norway, capital of the county of Hordaland. Bergen is the second city of the country with a little more than 250000 inhabitants. It is also a harbour city, a university town, and a bishop's palace.
  • The city(estate) is divided into eight districts, administrative equivalents of important districts: Arna, Bergenhus, Fanatic, Fyllingsdalen, Laksevag, Ytrebygda, Arstad and Asane. The city center occupies the bydel of Bergenhus, that is the historic city which counts approximately 35 000 inhabitants.
  • Bergen is especially a city in the history marked by the contribution of the People from the outside, come of him beyond the sea. The christianization on the spiritual plan, the Hanse (In the Middle Ages a Hanse, sometimes called handle, is traders' professional association exercising a common activity) on the economic and political plan, express a shape of colonization. The clash of the dominant structures with the population Norwegian, local or attracted by mountains and nearby fjords, generates forms of alienation, assimilation or resistance. Since Modern times, the immigration and the exchanges passing in transit by the city offered him a spirit different from the other Scandinavian and Norwegian cities. Traditionally preservative city, but turned to Europe, where during centuries a big part of the inhabitants was foreign. City being herself considered except for in Norway because of its history and of its culture appropriate. City built by the fire and the wars, as say premises. Finally, city with human scale sheltering numerous tracks of her past and advancing the acts of her famous men and women, that they are artists, notables, scientists... "

Serge, our guide, suggests us discovering Bergen, seen from above, by taking the funicular then to come down again, on foot, to admire districts situated on the steep slopes of the city and to take advantage of fantastic views over the city...

  • The funicular Floibanen: down from the Mount Floien (320 meters in height), accessible(approachable) by the funicular Floibanen the station of departure of which is in city center, we have a magnificent sight on the city, the mountains, the fjords and the sea...
  • Funiculaire 1.jpg
To return to the Fish market, so livened up, it is enough to get down again on foot by these attractive streets in wooden construction going up a whole range of colors...
Squeezed the some against the others at feet of the hill, the former wooden constructions survived the centuries. A walk through the narrow alleys (called " smau ") is a unique pleasure in Bergen...
IMGP4084 [1600x1200].JPG
More photos click HERE
  • Bryggen and the Hanseatic quays: the first houses of Bergen were set up along the former Hanseatic quays, in the district of Bryggen, which is for centuries the center livened up by the city. Registered on the UNESCO world heritage list, this medieval district is one of the most famous of Norway.

More photos click HERE

During 400 years, the traders of the Hanse dominated Bryggen, who was ravaged by the fires repeatedly (it is a reason for which houses have no chimney because it was forbidden to make for it of the fire for the weather when the district Bryggen was lived and devolved, as now, in the businesses, the bars and the museums). A walk through the narrow alleys and the somber passages shows itself as a journey in past.


  • The Fish market: typical this market is worth seeing we find any kind of fishes there to be taken or to be tasted on the spot. To see absolutely.
  • After dinner a last glass in a brasserie-type bar ( Egon), very frequented, on the quay...
The next stage: Bergen - > Levallois
  • via Copenhagen and Roissy CDG

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