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Norwegian cruise - day 11

Photos and text © Michel Lebel and Co

It will be, essentially, a day of navigation with the discovery or the rediscovery of crossed landscapes on the way out...

Our boat:


Polarlys 2.jpg

Will make stopover in:

  • Trondheim: 06:30 am - > 10:00 am (3:30 am of stop),
  • Kristiansund: 4:30 pm - > 5:00 pm (30 minutes of stop),
  • Molde: 8:30 pm - > 9:30 pm (1 hour of stop).
    Although the stopover of Trondheim is of 3:30 am we decide to make, only, a walk on the port because we had visited the city on the way out...
In the bend of a quay we cross a monster: Crown Princess and his 3500 landing passengers to visit the city (for the record we are only 715, in the maxi, on Polarlys).
And we cannot refrain from smiling by discovering frail one boat on which two employees clean the sides of this " giant of seas ":
  • Visit of the cockpit ...
    A part of the French group having been dissatisfied with services on an excursion (driver and guides novices), the captain suggested us visiting, free of charge, the cockpit with, in addition, a glass of champagne at the end of the presentation.


More photos click HERE
Navigation till 4:30 pm.
Arrived at Kristiansund, point of departure of our last excursion: " the Atlantic Road " which will lead(drive) us to Molde or we shall take back the ship for the last night on board...

To follow...

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