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Norwegian cruise - day 7

Photos and text © Michel Lebel and Co

Today we turn back to Kirkenes to begin the return towards Bergen. Some of the passengers are going to leave us and the others to join us...

In this day 7 we shall make stopover in:

  • Batsfjord: 00:45 am - > 01:00 am (15 minutes of stop),
  • Vardo:04h00 - > 04:15 am (15 minutes of stop),
  • Vadso: 07:30 am - > 08:00 am (30 minutes of stop),
  • Kirkenes: 09:45 am - > 12:45 am (3 hours of stop),
  • Vardo: 4:15 pm - > 5:15 pm (1 hour of stop),
  • Batsfjord: 8:00 pm - > 8:30 pm (30 minutes of stop),
  • Berlevag: 10:15 pm - > 10:30 pm (15 minutes of stop).

When we arrive at Kirkenes we went through 2463 km since our departure of Bergen. Kirkenes is a town of 3200 inhabitants situated in 10 km of the river Pasvik and the border with Russia. It is the only city situated in the crossroads between East and  West.

When we off-load the city are invaded by the mist and its constructions (buildings, factories, statues...almost abandoned which are not without calling back those of the ex-USSR are impressive as exit of a movie... In the course of streets everything reminds us that the Russian armmée was very present during the Second World War.

By visiting the city we shall see:

  • The Russian memorial,


  • The monument to the Mothers during the war,


  • the church...


  • Small anecdote: we followed a gull which knocked at the door of a store.



Then it is the departure for return towards Bergen with a stopover to Vardo or we can visit the fortress of Vardohus which is completely similar to our fortifications Vauban.



  • Creamy soup of Norwegian fishes with assortment of fish and julienne vegetables,
  • Reindeer's pavement and sausage spiced with stew of mushrooms, apples and bacon, creamy forest sauce in séchèes blueberries, mashed potato and celeriac,
  • Polar bays(berries) with the cream served with fine shortbread cookies.

The next stage: Mehamn - > Tromso

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