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Norwegian cruise - In the daytime 5 in the day 6

Photos,videos et texte © Michel Lebel and Co

Considering the overcast weather which we had at the end of evening of day 4 we were not able to appreciate the "midnight sun" which is visible only beyond the polar circle...

It is the reason for which we decide to wait to 0:45 am to admire this "midnight sun" which we announce us as visible because:

  • We are on the open sea, with a horizon completed to perceive there " touch and go " of the sun (it touches the hanging horizon, approximately the 1 hour without disappearing),
  • The weather is relatively clear.

But what as it is agreed by "midnight sun":

" The polar day (so called midnight sun) corresponds to a phenomenon occurring near the summer solstice (in June in the north hemisphere, in December in the southern hemisphere) in the high latitudes situated beyond the Arctic and Antarctic polar circles. The number of days of 24 hours during which this phenomenon takes place increases with the latitude. It reaches its minimum ( a day) at the level of the polar circle, in 66°34 ' and its maximum (six months) in the pole (90 °) and takes place in summer (from March to September in the north hemisphere, from September to March in the southern hemisphere). So, the day of the solstice, in the poles, the sun remains constantly visible at a height of a little more than 23 ° in the sky. "

Our wait will not be vein but we shall have no pleasure to see the spherical sun described in all the works because clouds appeared little by little... However we were able to appreciate its progressive descent over the horizon and to admire the reflections of these shelves on a glassy sea.

A matter is sure: this "sleepless night" we are not ready to forget it and on the way back in our cabin we donot need an electric light so much it is bathed by the "daylight"...


 It is 1:30 am when we have a last look by the porthole before trying to sleep a few hours because the Day 6 looks full of promises...


quel périple chez mes peut étre ancétres ! amitiès

Écrit par : ventdamont | 10/06/2011

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