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Norwegian cruise - day 5

Photos,and text © Michel Lebel and Co

The Day 4 was long and we agreed " fat a morning" in this day 5.

Our trip continues with more or less long stopovers:

  • Stokmarknes: 00:55 am - > 01:00 am (5 minutes of stop),
  • Sortland: 02:30 am - > 03:00 am (30 minutes of stop),
  • Rysoyhamn: 04:15 am - > 04:30 am (15 minutes of stop),
  • Harstad: 06:45 am - > 08:00 am (1:15 am of stop)
    • The bravest will pay a short visit of the city,
  • Finnsnes: 11:15 am - > 11:45 am (30 minutes of stop),
  • Tromso: 2:30 pm - > 6:30 pm (4:00 am of stop),
  • Skjervoy: 10:30 pm - > 10:45 pm (15 minutes of stop).

    In our awakening we find our individual certificate giving evidence that we crossed the Polar circle:


After the departure of Harstad we can admire the church of Tondenes of 1250. It is the most northern medieval church of Norway...

Then it is "Baptème" of polar circle by the " God Neptune "...


  • A ladle of water with ice cubes on the base of the nape of the neck and a small glass of alcohol to warm us...

After the stopover of Finnsnes we pass under the bridge of Gisund between the island Senja and the continent.

Arrived at Tromso who is most big city of Norway with 60 000 inhabitants. Tromso is also named " the Capital Arctic ". Alongside the quay, in the city center, we shall take advantage of it to discover this magnificent city and quite particularly Ishavskatedralen ( the Arctic Cathedral) as well as the old town...














  • Soup of peas with smoked bacon and whipped cream,
  • Coley filets with onions in the thyme, the roasted potatoes, the French beans and the sauce with the cream,
  • Cake in the praline and its sherbet in the coconut.

Once crossed the stopover of Skjervoy we begin the crossing of Lopphavet ( open sea).



The time weather is very clear we shall have, maybe, the luck to discover the "Midnight sun" planned in the daytime at 0:45 am...


Another good hour to wait...

The next stage: Oksfjord - > Berlevag.


Les photos sont très belles, mais malheureusement je n'ai pu comprendre le texte, mon anglais trop rudimentaire pour traduire.
Bonne journée.

Écrit par : anita | 08/06/2011

Bonjour Anita,
Merci pour ton passage sur mon blog. Pour ton info chaque jour je mets deux billets:
. l'un en français,
.l'autre en anglais.
Tu peux donc choisir la version qui correspond à ta langue maternelle.
Belle journée à toi.
Amitiés de Michel.

Écrit par : Michel | 08/06/2011

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