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Norwegian cruise - day 4

Photos and text © Michel Lebel and Co

It's the big day we have to cross the Arctic Circle (66°33'N N) between 6:30 am and 8:00 am - > awakening at 5:45 am...

While waiting for stopover in:

Bronnoysund: 1:30 am - > 1:45 am (15 minutes of stop),
Sandnessjoen: 3:45 am - > 4:15 am (30 minutes of stop),
Nesna: 5:25 am - > 5:30 am (5 minutes of stop),
Ornes: 9:25 am - > 9:30 am (5 minutes of stop).

In fact we shall cross it at 7:23 am ' 19 ". The weather is wonderful and we can admire the globe which marks the point with it.


Then preparation for action: Further to the withdrawal of two participants for the excursion in Svartisen (departure 8:30 am) we prevent us at 8:15 am that we are expected for transshipment, immediate, on a boat of lesser importance which is going to reunite the foot of the glacier after one hour of navigation then 20mn of walking... The landscape is magic and charming!!! We do not grow tired of admiring it by hoping that its top takes out clouds. In fact of " black ice" (translation of Svartisen) we admire a glacier similar to our alpine glaciers but in more we have a whole climate of legend which surrounds it and it's what gives it, still, more charm.







We take back the boat at about 11:30 am to join Polarlys which waits for us alongside the quay to Bodo. We shall take advantage of it to admire the magnificent coast of Helgeland and perceive eagles white-tailed fishermen there.

We join the ship at 2:30 pm which made stopover for Bodo from 12:30 am till 3:00 pm (2:30 am of stop)...

We take back the road of the North, by crossing Vestfjorden during 3 hours.



Then stopover in:

  • Stamsund: 7:00 pm - > 7:30 pm (30 minutes of stop),

  • Svolvaer: 9:00 pm - > 10:00 pm (the 1 hour of stop), where we shall discover magnificent houses on piles, dryers with cod...





    At about 11:45 pm we take the narrow (we shall make for it an about-turn which recovers from the exploit of the captain because he has only about twenty meters of laborer on each side!!!) of Raftsund who will drive us towards Trollfjord...


    We are beyond the polar circle and we should see the midnight sun but the overcast weather will be right of our expectation which will show itself fruitless... However we notice that the day does not lie down!!!



The next stage : Stokmarknes --> Skjervoy

  •  Muddle of Vestfjord on bruschetta with salad,
  • Spare rib in spices with chutney of apples, red cabbage, apples almond tarts in the oven and the sauce in the Porto,
  • Brown betty in the whipped cream and wipes toffy.

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