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Norwegian cruise - The legend of Gudbrandsjuvet

Photos and text © Michel Lebel and Co

During our " day 2 " I presented you our excursion which made us discover Geirangerfjord but a small supplement is imperative.

Fantastic region in fact with its waterfalls its road in snail: " the road of Eagles ", and its "canyon" which summarizes quite an old legend of more than 500 years: Gudbrandsjuvet.
  • Gudbrandsjuvet is a ravine narrow and 20-25 meters high of 5 meters at the bottom of which the torrent, in tempestuous waters, Valldola pours. The ravine is easily accessible from the main road between Valldal and Trollstigen. Waters formed a complex of deep caves and inextricable abysses.
  • According to a legend of the 1500s, the name of the ravine is connected to the story of a man, a conscript Gudbrand, who ran away with his new bride to escape her prosecutors, not satisfied with this marriage, by jumping over the ravine in its most narrow point. Gudbrand was declared an outlaw for his acts and lived the rest of his life in a stone hut in one of the valleys aside over Gudbrandsjuvet. The valley is always called Gudbrandsdalen to this day. A matter which the story does not mention it is if his bride followed him over the ravine.


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