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Norwegian cruise - day 1

Last year, in the same time we were finalizing our departure towards Bergen where from we were going to embark to navigate off the Norwegian coast and discover welcoming and sometimes surprising people in his typical attitudes of the Scandinavians

Photos and text © Michel Lebel and Francis

For some time we had decided that our next journey would be a cruise but which?

And so since November, 2009 brochures accumulated on my desk). Not being followers of the package tours we looked for a  " human size " cruise with less than 1000 participants.

Very quickly our choice concerns to a Scandinavian cruise and to wise advice of "our" travel agency with which we organized numerous journeys our choice concerns to a cruise along the Norwegian coast by taking) the Express Côtier Hurtigruten which allows to go back up certain fjords on more than 100 kilometers... It is very different from a traditional cruise because passengers can leave or join the boat in the various stopovers. Of more cars and the freight can be embarked...

It will thus be an escapade of 12 days from Bergen to Bergen via Kirkenes, beyond North Cape, that is a little more than 5200 kilometers...

  • Day 1 :

Roissy :


--> Bergen


via Copenhagen



Boarding on the MS / Polarlys, after a visit of Bergen (historic district of Bryggen), at 6:00 pm for a departure at 8:00 pm.

Dine / buffet in free placement... We discover some of the 700 participants.

The next stage: Floro - > Molde



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